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      I see you dont mean me, she said quietly.

      Well, sir, theres a building site just beyond your little place, began Mr Simpson. Its coming up next month for sale, but if you make an offer now, I think you might get it cheap.

      I do not know whether you wish to talk to me about your mother, your rheumatism, your teapot, or your housekeeping, he remarked. I will talk about any you please, but one at a time.

      Dont you think they lead to warmer attachments, Mamma? repeated Alice, finding she got no answer.Lord Inverbroom lives near, does he not? she asked. Thats a wonderful library. Is the public allowed to see it? I suppose not. I would not trust Charles within arms length of a Caxton if I had one.


      The boy covered with buttons opened the door to her. She hoped that Mrs Keeling would not be richly crossing the Gothic hall. She wanted only to get quietly into the library and go on with letter M. Letter M implied a quantity of cardboard slips.



      Rude? You said, rude. How was she rude?